Sunday Services - online

We're currently working hard to make it possible to live-stream our morning services. At the moment however that isn't possible. So for those who are unable to join us in person on a Sunday, a recording of the morning service will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for 4pm.
Audio only
We're aware that not everyone finds the internet easy to access. If you know someone for whom this is the case, please pass on this number: 01704 335835. By calling that number they will be able to listen to the whole service over the phone. Calls are charged at the local rate. The number is free to phone with either free mobile minutes or weekend calls.

Service audio will now be available from 4pm on a Sunday.
Sunday resources
Weekly Prayer Diary - 28th June
Sermon notes for young people

Sunday Service - 26th July 2020

Summer Psalms - Psalm 44

Sunday Service - 19th July 2020

Summer Psalms - Psalm 42 & 43

Sunday Service - 12th July 2020

How to face your fears - Mark 6:45-56 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 5th July 2020

Will Jesus Satisfy? - Mark 6:30-44 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 28th June 2020

Dealing with Regret - Mark 6:14-29 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 21st June 2020

Can you be too familiar with Jesus? - Mark 6:1-13 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 14th June 2020

Hope in the face of sickness and death - Mark 5:21-43 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 7th June 2020

Hope in the face of evil - Mark 5:1-20 (Why Trust Jesus?)

Sunday Service - 31st May 2020

Why does God save? - Exodus 20 (Rescued for Relationship)

Sunday Service - 24th May 2020

"Why is God concerned about how his people live?" - Rescued for Relationship - Exodus 19

Sunday Service - 17th May 2020

"What has God done for me?" - Rescued for Relationship - Exodus 18

Sunday Service - 10th May 2020

"What should we expect from following Jesus?" - Rescued for Relationship - Exodus 17:8-16

Sunday Service - 2nd May 2020

"Is God Really With Us?" Rescued for Relationship - Exodus 17:1-7

Sunday Service - 26th April 2020

"Will God Always Provide?" Rescued for Relationship - Exodus 16

For older services please see our Audio/Video Resources page 

Daniel Hayes, 21/03/2020